Kristin Garnett: Using Her Books To Win Listings

Here are Kristin’s Key Points:

Kristin’s Authorify books are part of a pre-listing package of helpful items she shares with potential clients.

In addition to the books, Kristin includes other items in the package:

  • A pamphlet about home inspections and pitfalls to watch for, including some easy “DIY” tips for fixing problems before they derail an inspection.
  • Kristin’s marketing plan for selling the home faster and for more money.
  • Information about Kristin’s background as an agent, including testimonials from previous clients.

Because sending out a pre-listing package costs money, Kristin is careful to select the potential clients who have genuine interest in selling.

At initial meetings, Kristin walks clients through the entire transaction process, from contract to closing, to make them more comfortable.

Kristin has “gotten positive feedback on the books,” and she feels they are an ideal component for sharing her knowledge with clients.

After a successful sale, Kristin asks clients if she can connect with them on social media platforms. This allows her to keep in touch.

She stresses the importance of “staying in front of people,” using platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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