Mark On Using A Personable Approach Help Sellers In Difficult Times

Here are  Mark’s Key Points:

  • After a great first year as an agent — with 50% of his income coming from listings — Mark decided to focus his business on divorce and pre-foreclosure clients.

  • Mark has a “soft spot” for clients in a crisis after working with personal contacts on a divorce transaction and experiencing his own financial struggles.

  • Mark prides himself on a personable approach. His style is always casual yet polished — no suits!— to put his clients at ease.
  • During initial meetings with clients, Mark utilizes a “why” survey to discover his clients’ motivation for selling. He then tailors his interactions with clients based on this information.

  • Mark strives to express to clients that what is best for him is also best for them, in regards to his motivation for listing their home.

  • In Mark’s words, “appealing to their human side” is what helps his clients get to know him and trust him during a challenging time in their lives.

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