Rick Culp On Getting Referrals and Reviews

Here are Rick's Key Points:

  • Rick has been an agent for 24 years, previously working with companies such as REMax and Keller Williams. He is now with a large firm in the Denver metro.
  • Pointing out the attractive fee structure at his own company, Rick says he sees the team model is becoming more popular, where brokers and team managers garner leads for agents.
  • In the last 24 years, Rick has noticed relationships between agents and clients are diminishing, largely because the internet (including e-signatures) has made face-to-face contact less necessary. He confesses he is “old school” and still values personal interaction.
  • Look out for “closing questions” from the seller, such as “How soon could you get this on the market?” or “When should we do an open house?” or “How long does it take to get a photographer over here?”
  • Rick’s advice to floundering agents: “Don’t focus on the money. Focus on the client, and the money will take care of itself.” Don’t display anxiety or overwrought emotion that could alert the client you’re looking for “a quick buck.”
  • Rick also suggests agents put aside corporate phoniness on appointments and focus on FORD — family, occupation, recreation and dreams. Learning about clients as people develops rapport and can lead to referrals later.
  • Displaying your value to a client can set you apart from other agents. If you’re a newer agent and can’t go on your experience, focus on market knowledge, Rick says. And be specific, avoiding generic answers anyone can give, such as “interest rates are good!”
  • Focus on marketing tactics, as well — be specific about where/when you’ll market the home, including websites, photos, video tours and social media.
  • If clients can trust you with their information, they will trust you with referrals. Don’t hesitate to ask for them for a referral or review if the transaction was successful.

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