Get Listings Coaching: Week #2

How to find leads so you can mail your book to them

Your Action Items:

  1. Choose your lead niches.
    1. Past clients & friends
    2. FSBO
    3. Expireds
    4. Divorce attorneys
    5. Absentee leads

  2. Assemble your lead information.
    1. Name
    2. Mailing address
    3. Phone number
    4. Email

  3. Setup your cover letters.
  4. Stuff your envelopes.
  5. Buy your shipping labels and mail your books.

Detailed Execution Plan Steps:

Step #1 - Choose your lead niches

The best and most reliable lead sources are the following:

  • Past clients
  • FSBOs
  • Expireds
  • Divorce Attorneys - To build referral relationships
  • Absentee owners

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to the 'Best Lead Niches' section for step by step training on how to find leads in these niches.

Step #2 - Assemble your lead information

  1. Download the Book Mailing Address Sheet Template and compile your lead data within it.

  2. Set a goal for how many books you want to mail out. I recommend mailing at least 20 books out at a time.

  3. Scroll down to the ‘Best Lead Niches’ section below and follow the step-by-step instructions to gather leads from each niche.

  4. Use to look up each lead so that you can collect all the information for each lead. 
    • Name
    • Mailing address
    • Phone number
    • Email

  5. Choose which book to send each lead. For Divorce Attorney leads you should mail your Divorce Book. For all other lead niches you should mail your Biz Card Book or Generic Seller Book.

  6. Compile all the lead data in your spreadsheet until you have the desired number of leads you want to mail your book to.

Note: You should be able to get enough leads from each of these niches, but if you still need more, then check out the Complete guide to finding listing leads online course to find even more leads.

Step #3 - Setup your cover letters

  1. Download the General Seller Cover Letter here.

  2. Download the Attorney Cover Letter here.

  3. Customize your cover letter with your information on it.

  4. Print out as many cover letters as you need.

Step #4 - Stuff your envelopes

  1. Stuff your books and cover letters into your yellow envelopes.

  2. Use a black sharpie to write the letter D on all the envelopes that are going to divorce attorneys.
    Don’t worry we’ll cover it later with the label

If you haven’t ordered your mail supplies yet, then do that now, or go to your local office supply store and pick these up.

  1. Order yellow padded envelopes to ship your books.

  2. Order clear adhesive labels to stick your labels to your envelopes.

Step #5 - Buy your shipping labels and mail your books

  1. Open your spreadsheet with your list of lead addresses, download the spreadsheet to your computer.

  2. Create a free account at

  3. Once logged in, click ‘Upload a Spreadsheet.’

  4. Select the spreadsheet file with your lead addresses.

  5. Map your spreadsheet columns with the Pirate Ship Fields and click ‘Confirm Mapping’. Do not map the ‘Book to send, phone or email fields.’

  6. Fill in your package dimensions

    1. Length = 10 inches

    2. Width = 6 inches

    3. Height = 0.5 inches

    4. Weight = 5 ounces - This is the weight of 1 yellow envelope, 1 book and 1 cover letter.

  7. Check the ‘Save Package’ button to make this step faster next month.

  8. Click ‘Get Rates.’

  9. Choose the mail service you like best, I recommend USPS First Class as it’s the cheapest.

  10. Buy your labels.

  11. Print your labels.

  12. Stick your labels to your envelopes, make sure you put the divorce attorney addresses on the divorce packages.

  13. Drop your packages in the mail!

Step #6 - Repeat this every month

  1. Make a commitment to yourself to gather new leads to mail your book to every month. 

  2. I recommend the 1st or 2nd Tuesday of every month.

  3. Schedule a 4-hour recurring monthly appointment with yourself to do this step.

Step #7 - Register for next weeks workshop

  1. Week #3: How to follow up with your leads so you can get the appointment

  2. Open the registration page.

  3. Register your spot.

  4. Save it to your calendar so you don’t forget!

How to use Intelius to find contact information

  1. Create an account at

  2. Search your leads by name

  3. Search your leads by phone number

  4. Search your leads by address

  5. Find their contact information

  6. Save it your spreadsheet.

#1 - Past Clients & Friends

#2 - FSBO

#3 - Expireds

  • Pull Expireds from your MLS
  • Look up the property to make sure it has not re-listed
  • Use to find the leads’ Name, Email, Mailing Address, and Phone Number
  • Add the leads to your Book Mailing Address Sheet

#4 - Divorce Attorney Referrals

#5 - Absentee Leads