Automate Meeting Scheduling With Calendly

Automate Meeting Scheduling Calendly

Meeting scheduling can be a full-time job itself and it quickly becomes overwhelming if you don’t have a solid process or assistant in place. We’ve all been there, going back and forth via email trying to find a time that works for both parties to meet just for a few minutes. 

Well, by using an automated scheduling tool like Calendly, you can set your availability on the front-end and let your meeting attendees select a time that works without all of the back-and-forth. 

In the modules below, you will find the step-by-step instructions for setting up a free Calendly account, integrating your business calendar and tools such as Zoom, as well as, adding your Calendly link to your email signature.

Module 1: Setting Up Your Calendly Account and Meeting Page

In the video above, we walk you through the steps of setting up your Calendly Account and creating the Event you would like to schedule.

A free membership offers everything you need to automate your meeting set-up. However, here is a link to a comparison chart of the different subscription plans.

Calendly is very user-friendly, but for any questions or help you need, here is a link to their Help Center.

Module 2: Integrating Calendars and Virtual Meeting Software With Your Account

One of the best features of Calendly is how well it integrates with other software. In the video above, we walk through setting up connections between Calendly and your online calendar, as well as connecting a Zoom account.

To find all of the available integrations click here.

For any questions regarding Calendly Integrations, click here to visit the help center.

Module 3: Adding Your Calendly Link To An Email Signature

A great way to publish your Calendly Meeting link is by including it in your email signature. In the video above, we walk you through the steps for copying your scheduler link and adding it to a Gmail email signature.

Click the links below for email signature help with the following providers: