The Loan Education Packet

The Loan Education Packet

The Loan Education Packet is designed to be co-branded material you provided your real estate partner with. This material will be used by your partner to better educate their clients on the home loan process.

Below you will find a brief description of each guide included in the Loan Education Packet, as well as a sample of the mobile compatible infographics.

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*Spanish Versions Now Available*

Guide 1: The Pre-Approval Guide for Home Buyers

This is a short guide that educates the prospective home buyer on how a pre-approval works. It tells them that they should get pre-approved before shopping for homes because some agents may not give you showings without it. 

It answers their questions such as, “will this affect my credit? What’s the pre-approval based on? How does debt affect my pre-approval? What happens if I pull the report today but don’t get a loan for 6 months, will that hurt my credit pulling it twice? Does my HOA affect my loan

English Version

Spanish Translated Version

Guide 2: Mortgage Terms Glossary

This simple guide explains the common mortgage terms and what they mean to homeowners. Again, this will be co-branded material that you and your real estate partner will be providing.

English Version

Spanish Translated Version

Guide 3: How The Loan Process Works

Inside this short guide, prospective homeowners will receive the easy to understand 10-Steps For Getting A Mortgage.

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Spanish Translated Version

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Referral Partner Email Template

Once you have received your customized Loan Education Packet it is time for your realtor referral partner to start sending them to clients.

Below you will find an email template to provide to your partner.

*Note: You will need to provide them with the links to the co-branded Loan Education Packet and insert them into the template below.

Email Template

Hi Buyer,

I’m glad we were able to connect! There are many steps to purchasing your home and securing a loan. [ LARRY LOAN OFFICER ] and I teamed up on this Loan Education Packet because we want to ensure you have all the information you'll need during this process. This packet will answer any questions you have and so much more! With [ LARRY LOAN OFFICER's ] extensive knowledge about the loan process and my expertise in real estate, you truly have the dream team working with you!

The Loan Education Packet is broken out into 3 helpful guides:

The Pre-Approval Guide for Buyers

Mortgage Terms Glossary

Loan Process Guide

Ever wonder the difference between getting pre-qualified for a loan and getting pre-approved for a loan? Or about the different types of mortgages? Or how to avoid paying PMI? This packet goes over all of that information, and we wanted to share it with you!

Additionally, [ LARRY LOAN OFFICER ] and I put together this wonderful book to give you more information and make obtaining a mortgage a seamless process: [ How to Get the Best Mortgage Rate Digital Link ].

This book breaks down the hard work [ LARRY LOAN OFFICER ] will do to make sure you get the best rate.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I look forward to working with you!


Rita Realtor