Rick Culp On Converting More Listing Appointments

Here are Rick's Key Points:

  • As you tour a home during a listing appointment, Rick says to take note of things that can help conversation along and teach you more about the seller. A blue bedroom or pink bedroom, for example, could prompt “I see you have a son/daughter.” A pool table, wet bar or sports team item could lead to talk about hobbies and recreation.
  • When transitioning to the kitchen table to give the listing presentation, talk about price first, not marketing. If they are expireds, says Rick, address what did not work. Whatever the situation, assume the seller has done their own research — never discuss price as if they don’t know anything.
  • After the transition from price to marketing, address what you, as an agent, can do to make the sale happen. Rick points out every client is different, and you need to be “really good at reading people’s personalities.” Remain dialed into their preferred communication style — visual, kinetic or auditory — to nudge them toward a listing.
  • Look out for “closing questions” from the seller, such as “How soon could you get this on the market?” or “When should we do an open house?” or “How long does it take to get a photographer over here?”
  • If the seller isn’t ready — wants to “sleep on it” or interview other agents — Rick advises not to push them or beg for their business, which ruins trust. Don’t badger them about why they need time or a few more agent interviews — if you’ve done your job as an agent, their instincts won’t tell them to keep looking, Rick says.
  • When it comes to buyers, Rick suggests starting out with their list of needs and comparing it to their budget — then figuring out which of their wants could fit the budget. Don’t start looking at homes until the needs and wants are identified.
  • When seeking new business, don’t hesitate to door-knock and meet people in person, says Rick, who adds, “I don’t think we can replace the front door with an app.” Agents can learn more about potential clients in the real world — from their clothing style to what they drive — and use that knowledge to build trust and rapport.

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