I Just Loved The Concept!

Rose Savage, an agent from Toronto, worked at IBM for 30 years and as a consultant for 10 years before she made a career shift into real estate. And while this is only her second year as an agent, she believes she entered the market at the perfect time. 

“The good thing is that I'm current with everything,” Rose says. “’Cause there's lots of changes going on with real estate, and I just happen to be catching a wave of change. So it's been terrific. The ride's been terrific so far.”

Last year, Rose attended the NAR® conference in San Francisco, where she was going to receive her CIPS designation and discover new ways to improve her listing presentation approach.

That’s where she stumbled across the Authorify booth, and she said she instantly fell in love with the concept.

“I liked your concept and the book right away. ’Cause that's exactly what I was thinking about. And I was like, well, a better way to do a presentation, but through a book like this. So I just fell in love with the concept, fell in love with the idea and the fact that it's already pre-done, as well. It's a good template to start with to speed to market. Perfect timing. And I just loved the concept. So I started with you guys right away when I saw you.” 

At the time, Rose was trying to secure her first deal — a $3.75 million home. 

“They're asking me for my distinct presentation, and I didn't have one at the time. So you obviously turned it around real quick. And so I wanted to thank you so much for that because you know, I didn't know where to start at that time when I had that listing. And so you were able to produce the book for me right away. And the customer was delighted because it showed credibility for myself, as well."

“It just happened that you made it, you actually produced it and created it and delivered it to me at the perfect time. So it was perfect. Everything about it was perfect.”

Since she received her books, Rose began handing them out at open houses.

“So because of COVID, you've got the masks, you've got the hand sanitizers, and I have my book right there. I also distribute it electronically, as well.

“I know I get a lot of people — especially from a client perspective — they love it because they're able to pick up some tips and they think the presentation is good. Even the size of it is great instead of a big presentation.”

Rose says having a book boosts her confidence and gives her a unique selling point when she goes on listing presentations. 

“And every time I go into your website, there is always something new, and it's perfect because that's at the stage that I'm at. So you're actually feeding me the tools that I need at the time that I need it.

“It's able to give me the elevator pitch that I need in order to have a client come to me and feel very confident that they're hiring somebody who's capable and competent. There's a lot involved when you're selling and when you're buying, and there's a checklist that one can create, as well as content. And this book that was created helps take that content and put it in a very simple manner.”

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