Steve Dozier On Listing Presentations and Work Ethic

Here are Steve’s Key Points:

  • Steve has been in real estate since 2001 and has been a member of the Chairman Circle for the last five years, meaning $10 million or more in sales.

  • Steve’s listing presentation consists of a notebook with eight tabs. Whether the listing is high-dollar or modest, he presents the same way. The notebook includes comps to other homes and active listings, all broken down by county. It also contains Steve’s credentials.
  • Steve points out that his presentation works because the data shows clients “what the market is willing to bear,” and negates their statements about what they want or need to make on the home.

  • Preferring the term “consultant” over “salesperson,” Steve avoids pushing his clients. He finds that they often want to work with him because of the time he invests into his listing presentation.

  • Though he doesn’t get many objections, Steve stands firm when a client inquires about cutting commission, pointing out that no worthwhile agent would work hard on their behalf for a lower commission.

  • While some agents are in real estate for “the one-time sale,” Steve says he takes care to develop rapport that will lead to referrals. He always “takes the high road” when a first meeting doesn’t yield the listing, since he could cross paths with the lead later.

  • Steve urges other agents to dedicate themselves fully, to work full time and to learn the nuances of the industry. He points out that a sense of humor is also useful, especially in dealing with unforeseen issues. He encourages agents to be patient and build their business over the long term — not expect to make six figures out the gate.

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