Thomas Talks Adapting His Communication Style To Fit Each Listing

Here are Thomas’ Key Points:

  • Even with automated online contact through a CRM, Thomas is a stickler for face-to-face communication, including “a lot of lunches, a lot of coffees and golf.”

  • Thomas maintains it’s much harder to understand what a person is thinking or feeling if you never see them in person. They may write a polite email, he says, but their body language would tell a different story.

  • In order to build trust and rapport, Thomas doesn’t rush the contract like some agents. He concentrates on establishing the relationship first, often until the client says “do we need to sign something?”

  • If clients happen to be busy types who can’t meet — such as a recent neurosurgeon he worked with — Thomas adapts to their preferred communication style. “Understand your audience and meet their needs,” he says. Follow the “platinum rule” — treat leads and clients the way they want to be treated. If they prefer text messaging, text them!

  • To curb nervousness and anxiety before an appointment, Thomas suggests a little bit of self-talk and preparation for what you’ll say and how you’ll handle things. Don’t wing it. Make sure you have necessary data. Try practicing your presentation before the appointment on a spouse, sibling or friend to get feedback. Ask how you’re coming across.

  • If you think too soon about commission, it will spoil the sale because your demeanor will show it. “Be authentic,” Thomas says, adding that real estate is a key investment for many people — often more than stocks, 401K or social security — so it’s important to be genuine and helpful.

  • Let social media work in your favor for keeping up with your sphere. If you see a post about a vacation, open your next conversation with that person by asking about it.

  • Always focus on your own work-life balance – for Thomas, he says watching his kid play sports is more important than closing a deal — and let that guide you, rather than chasing numbers.

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