How To Get Divorce Listings From Attorneys

There are two ways to get Divorce Listings. One strategy is by cultivating referrals from Divorce Attorneys and other professionals involved in the business.

These professionals work with dozens of home sellers every month and can refer a lot of customers to you.

Here are some of the Divorce Professionals with whom you can build relationships and receive referrals:
  • Divorce Attorneys.
  • Divorce Mediators. They are hired by the court to help the parties mediate their differences rather than settling them through litigation.
  • Therapists. Many people hire therapists to help them through the divorce process.

Success Story. Ed is an Authorify Member who has gotten about 10 divorce listings — 5 of which came from Divorce Attorney referrals.

Ed has also had success directly contacting people who have filed for Divorce. Here’s what he had to say about his experience approaching Divorce Attorneys and asking for referrals:

“I used about 30 Divorce Books, and I started reaching out to the top divorce attorneys in my market. It took a lot of persistence, but pretty soon it paid off and I got some referrals. 

I ended up building relationships with a few attorneys and got about 5 listings referrals over the last few months. Even better, most of those sellers ended up buying a house with me — mostly just one spouse but sometimes both. So, I got about 5 more buyer sales from that, as well.”

Here’s a video interview we did with Ed, and he told us how he wins Divorce Listings and builds relationships with attorneys.  

We took Ed’s Strategy and built a system that you can replicate in your market:

If you’re going to ask attorneys for referrals, you need to understand why they might want to refer business to you.

Here are some of the reasons an attorney would want to work with you:

  1. 1
    If an attorney refers his clients to an agent, his chances of having a more positive experience with that agent are higher than if he chose an agent who had no incentive to get future referrals.
  2. 2
    Many times, attorneys are paid when the home sells. They want someone who will move the sale along smoothly so they get paid. If attorneys find an agent they can trust to get the job done, they’re going to keep coming back to that agent in the future.

Step 1: Find the Divorce Leads in your area.

There are a few different ways to do that:

  • Find them on your state’s Bar website. You can search through the membership directory for a family law attorney.
  • Find them on Google. Simply Google “family law attorney in Jacksonville” — or wherever it is you’re from. Divorce attorneys are classified under family law.
  • Search LinkedIn using the terms "Family Law Attorney [Your City]"
  • Find them in the Yellow Pages or your local Phone Book. Go to the section for Divorce Attorney or Family Law and see who is running ads. If they’re running ads there, they are most likely an established attorney!  

Step 2: Start approaching the Divorce Attorneys in your area.

Make a list of the ones you’d like to work with and start by sending them an introduction email.

Email no more than 10 attorneys per day until you have contacted all of them. Below is a download link for a sample email template you can use.

Attorney Email 1 - Introduction

Step 3: Follow up and start building a relationship.

If an attorney doesn’t reply, don’t sweat it. Keep following up with them on a weekly basis. 

If you send those four emails and they don’t reply, don’t give up. They know your name better than they did four weeks ago! Now, it’s time to follow up with a phone call.

Give them a call using the script below. 

Divorce Attorney Phone Script

Step 4: Continue following up until they tell you to leave them alone, get out of the business, or take some of your books.

Most successful Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales happen after repeated follow-up attempts.

In many cases, those successful sales come after the person said “No” the first time they were contacted. So, keep emailing every week or two and call them every 30 days or so.

Ed said he had to contact many of the attorneys several times before they referred him any clients. It’s worth following up because one attorney can be a great source of referral business. So, keep following up!

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