How To Use An Instant Trust FSBO Package To Get More Listings

Any agent can win FSBO listings if they follow this process...

Here’s how you can do it:
  • Build a relationship with the FSBOs after they put their home on the market.
  • Genuinely try to help them (without showing them all your secrets).
  • Here’s why you will get their listing (most of the time) -  99% of Realtors who contact a FSBO do not try to build a relationship and never offer any help. When you do, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Authorify member Ryan has been using his books to do exactly the things listed above and he is having great success. Check out what he had to say:

Here’s what you are going to learn:
  • Where to find FSBOs.
  • How to use The Instant Trust System.
  • How to follow up with the FSBO Campaign.
  • How to handle the most common FSBO Objections

Where To Find FSBOs

You have two options for locating FSBOs:

#1: Paid lead sites, such as or can provide you with FSBO listings for a price.

#2: You can find them yourself. You can use sites like Zillow, Craigslist and even Facebook Buy-Sell Groups. You can also simply drive around and take down the address and number to follow up later.


Open houses are also a great way to find FSBOs. See what Authorify member Rick Culp has to say about using open houses to his advantage for getting in front of FSBO sellers.

How To Use The Instant Trust FSBO Package

Here’s what you are going to learn:
  • Drop Off Package
  • Mail Package.
Let’s start with your different options for getting the package into the seller’s hands.

The Drop Off Package: Put your book in a clear bag so the seller can see it, and leave it hanging around the front door handle or on the porch where they’ll see it. Don’t forget to include a handwritten note and your contact information.

Now that we've shown you how to get the package in the seller’s hands, let’s take a look at what’s inside!

The Marketing Pieces that make up the FSBO Instant Trust Package:

Note. You don’t have to add all of these marketing pieces, but keep in mind that the more you add, the better. However, don’t let one missing piece stop you from sending out the package.

Modify the documents to match what you do and the way you do business. You can insert the documents in any order.

Marketing Materials

The downloadable templates below will require a free account. Be sure to watch the tutorial videos in each of the following sections for instructions on how to customize each template.

If you are new to Canva, please watch the following video to see how to create a free account and set it up for success.

FSBO Cover Letter

The cover letter introduces you and explains why you’re sending the book. Linked below are three variations of our FSBO cover letter. Over on the Cover Letter Templates Page we have more than a dozen to choose from.

Click the desired image to access the customizable Canva Template.

Watch the video below for customization tips. (Note, the letter shown is the General Sellers Cover Letter.)

Customization Checklist:

  • Edit recipient Name
  • (Optional) Edit the home prices in paragraph two to better match your market
  • Include your phone number in the final paragraph
  • Edit sender name
  • (Optional) Include your headshot

Agent Comparison Chart

Use this chart to compare what you do to market a home versus what kind of service the average agent typically provides.

Click the desired image to access the customizable Canva Template.

Watch the video below for customization tips.

Customization Checklist:

  • Edit the contact information at the bottom of the page

Marketing Plan

Use this sample marketing plan to illustrate what you offer and how you market the homes you list. Feel free to modify this to match what you will do to market your prospect’s home.

Click the desired image to access the customizable Canva Template.

Watch the video below for customization tips.

Customization Checklist:

  • Include you contact information on page 1
  • (Optional) Customize the cover letter on page 2
  • Add your name and headshot on page 2
  • Add your testimonials to page 14 and 15
  • Include you contact information on page 16

Reference Letter

Add testimonials and references from customers and colleagues to this document.

Click the desired image to access the customizable Canva Template.

Watch the video below for customization tips.

Customization Checklist:

  • This is designed to be an example, add your testimonials that you have gathered

Better Photos Brochure

This will prove that you are going to advertise the home better than other agents.

Click the desired image to access the customizable Canva Template.

Watch the video below for customization tips.

Customization Checklist:

  • Add your logo to the first and last page
  • Edit the About Me information on the last page
  • Include your contact information on the last page
  • (Optional) Swap out the placeholder photos for those of your own listings

Follow Up With This FSBO Campaign

The FSBO Campaign includes all the necessary elements to run a seamless campaign and start getting listings immediately. It starts with your Instant Trust Package and progresses through a series of follow-up letters and even phone scripts. We’ve even established a timeline, so you know exactly when to follow up with the next letter or phone call. All you need to do is list the home; we’ve done the hard part for you.

Hear what Rick has to say in a recent interview about FSBO follow-up:

Below you can find all of the letter templates and scripts needed to complete this FSBO Campaign.

Pop Quiz! Do you think that the day of the week impacts the likelihood of turning a follow-up call into a listing appointment?

No? Guess again….

According to Rick, and this makes a lot of sense, Mondays are best, followed by Wednesdays. Hear him explain it himself:

Common FSBO Objections and How To Handle Them

Objections: almost every FSBO seller has them. But it's how you respond that will make the difference between getting the listing and getting shown the exit. Here are strategic responses for common objections.

Rick said the biggest mistakes an agent can make when trying to work with FSBOs is to challenge them.

Here are Rick's key points in addressing FSBOs:
  • Diffuse the objections by asking basic questions.
  • Don't be afraid to ask those basic questions in order to dig deeper.
  • Don't anger them by insisting they aren’t capable.
  • Don't use some of the traditional one-liners that actually degrade them and build resistance. (For example, “agents sell for more money.”)
  • Be relaxed.
  • Let them talk. They're going to give you information that's going to be very helpful for you.
  • Don't use canned scripts.
FSBO Objection One: Do you even have a buyer?

Sellers often want to know if you have a buyer on the line before they agree to list. This is not a time to be dishonest; simply tell them that you are constantly working with buyers who are looking for homes. Rick suggests the following short reply:

“I've been doing this a long time, and I pick up new clients on a regular basis. It sounds like you’ve got a nice home. We don’t have a lot of inventory on the market right now, and I’d just like to take a look at your house.”

FSBO Objection Two: We had a bad experience with another agent.

Many times, FSBO sellers are attempting to sell alone because they had a previous experience that was unpleasant, and they are taking it out on you. In these cases, the key is to squelch their fears by pointing out that NOT all agents are the same.

You can offer an exit strategy to make them feel like they have nothing to lose.

“Let me offer you my easy exit listing agreement. If you list with me, and there’s anything that you don’t like that I’m doing, I’ll cancel it with no questions asked. Because, you know what? I don’t think is going to happen. But I am willing to do it to back that up.”

FSBO Objection Three: We’ve sold FSBO successfully before.

If a seller insists they can sell FSBO again because they previously pulled it off, it’s the right time to dial up the doubt again. Remind them of changes pertaining to the location, market, economy, buyer base, et cetera. Also remind them of the difficulties they faced before.

Essentially, this process is known as finding the “smoking gun.” When we find it, we're going to highlight and expose it for the sellers to see.

For example, say they put in a buyer credit at the last minute due to repairs, and it was $5,000. Casually ask to hear more about it, and they'll expound on it more. Help them add up the true cost so they realize the entire ordeal cost closer to $20,000, between the repairs, two more mortgage payments, and crediting the buyer. Highlight that for them, and let it sit there. Give them a moment to feel the pain.

Once they’ve pondered those costs, say something like:

"You know what? If I sell your home, you wouldn’t have those pain points. If you didn't have to pay that amount of money, would it would be worth it?"

FSBO Objection Four: We’re working with family/a close friend. 

The old “mixing business and pleasure” adage rings truer than ever when it comes to a large transaction like real estate — and you’ll want to point this out.

Rick suggests reminding them that choosing a neutral party is often a better bet. You could say:

“Well, that is great if it works out, and I wish you the best. But, if a problem arises throughout the transaction, it can certainly cause a problem in your relationship …. Sometimes it’s better to go outside of your circle and just use somebody that’s neutral.”

FSBO Objection Five: We are not in a hurry. We will just wait until next season.

You might run into a dejected seller who insists they’d rather wait until the next “peak” season of real estate (usually spring or fall). However, with your help, there’s no need to wait — particularly if they are looking forward to moving.

You can say something like:

"I understand that you’d like to wait a while to sell again on your own. However, if I have a buyer for you tomorrow, wouldn’t you still want to make it happen sooner? I know you were looking forward to moving and seeing the family/starting work/getting settled."

FSBO Objection Six: We don’t want to pay commission.  

Commission might be the objection that every agent dreads most. But it doesn’t have to be that way! With the right approach, you can gently inform FSBO sellers that they won’t lose money by working with you — in fact, they might net more money than they originally anticipated.

Take a look at Rusty’s advice:

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