How To Leverage Single Property Websites

Promoting Your Book On Single Property Websites

Single-property websites are one of the most common marketing tools used in real estate. Their purpose is to promote a single property for sale and typically include the following features:

  • Photo gallery of property images
  • Virtual tour of the property being featured
  • Map/directions to the property
  • Listing agent/broker information
  • Lead generation form(s)

While single-property websites are designed to market and sell homes currently for sale, they can also serve double duty as a way to promote the agent selling the property.

This is a subtle art because if you don’t want to cross the line to being perceived as just a self promoter. The key is you want to promote a solution, everyone likes a solution to their problem.

But promoting yourself on a site meant to promote your clients’ homes is a subtle art. If you make your single-property sites too much about yourself, you might upset your current clients, and visitors to the page might think you only care about promoting yourself.

Adding a banner ad with your book cover is a nonaggressive way to pique the interest of potential buyers who may also be looking to sell their homes without overshadowing the home you’re promoting.

When you place your first book order, our team creates complimentary marketing materials with your cover that you can post in a variety of places. Simply upload our design to any single-property websites you create and link them to your author site.

From there, they can request a free copy of your book and learn how to get in touch with you.

Likewise, when you complete your book order, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes a downloadable version of your book cover. You can post this cover anywhere on your single property website, next to your headshot or even at the end of your photo slideshow of the home.

To Summarize:

  • Adding a banner ad with your book cover on single-property websites is a great way to subtly promote yourself.
  • Likewise, you can post a cover of your book next to your headshot to pique interest without outwardly promoting yourself.
  • Link your banner or cover to your author site to direct people to reach you.

Take Action:

If you’re currently using single-property websites to promote the listings you do have, adding your book cover or a banner ad with your book cover is an easy and effective way to pique the interest of potential clients. If you spread the word about your books in subtle ways, you can get big results without a lot of effort.

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