How To Wow Realtors With An Easy Close Presentation

How To Wow Realtors With An Easy-Close Presentation

Most Loan Originators just “wing it” when they meet with a new Realtor. And, while that can work, you’ll discover that you get better results when you make a small presentation.

Or, even if you don’t actually do a presentation, simply going through the work of building a presentation will make your meetings go better. So, I highly recommend building out a presentation and practicing it regularly. That way, whenever you meet a new Realtor, you impress them and win their business.

Step 1: Customize Your Easy-Close Presentation

Before you can deliver the Easy Close Presentation, you must make it your own first. In the video above, we walk you through how to customize the 16 slide presentation using Canva.

*Note*: You will need a free account to utilize this presentation template.

Customization Checklist:

Slide 1: 

  • Enter your contact information
  • Insert your professional photograph

Slide 12-13: 

  • Enter your online review information

Slide 14:

  • Add the names of real estate professionals you work with

Slide 15:

  • Add your own case study story, include a photo
  • If you would like to add multiple Case Studies, duplicate the slide

Slide 16:

  • Enter your contact information

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the presentation

Before you start modifying your presentation, we recommend that you go through the entire presentation to familiarize yourself with it. 

In this Video, Ben Curry walks you through the presentation as though he was presenting to a Realtor. This gives you a good example of how the presentation works.

Step 3: Uplevel your Easy Close Presentation with your Loan Education Packet.

As you go through your presentation, you will find it helpful to refer to your book or your Loan Education Packet. If possible, then bring a complete, Sample Loan Education Packet.