Uplevel Your Listing Presentation

Your listing presentation is crucial! It takes a lot of time, energy, and effort to secure a listing appointment. So, it pays off big to make sure your presentation is solid, so you win the listing!

This is our best listing presentation based on hundreds of different listing presentations. We’ve tested out lots of different presentations and strategies. And this one worked the best. We’ve tested it on dozens of different presentations and made little tweaks to perfect it.

Step 1: Download the Listing Presentation

Using a Free Canva.com account, you can quickly and easily customize our 70-page Easy Close Listing Presentation to fit your needs.

Linked below are six templates in total. You will see one fully customizable template that will allow you to add your brand colors and five templates with locked background colors. Be sure to check out the video tutorials below for Canva editing tips and a full roll-play of the presentation.

Not interested in using Canva? Download one of these options instead.

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the presentation

Before you start modifying your presentation, we recommend that you go through the entire presentation to familiarize yourself with it.

Sample Listing Presentation. In this Video, Ben walks you through the presentation as though you were a seller. Other members have found it helpful. 

Step 3: Modify the presentation to fit you

Go through the presentation and modify it to fit how you do business, and your marketing strategy. Simply delete any slide that does not fit your business or market.

Step 4: Uplevel your listing presentation with supporting materials

As you go through your presentation, you will find it helpful to refer to your book or other printed marketing materials.

We recommend bringing the Marketing Materials we provide in the Instant Trust Package. This applies even if you mailed this seller your Instant Trust Package. They may have forgotten the materials inside the package. So, if you reference one of those documents again, it’s helpful.

So, review our Instant Trust Package and use any of the Marketing Materials you think would be helpful. (We recommend using all of them. But, whether or not you do that is your choice!)

Step 5: Practice your presentation to become more comfortable with it

We’ve found that when we practice our presentation, we do a better job on our next presentation. You can practice it by simply talking out loud to yourself. Or, practice it with your spouse, friends, family, other agents, etcetera. Basically, any willing person who cares about you is a good person to practice it with.

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